Rituals make brands more Memorable, Sticky

I’m currently reading a book, Buyology: Truth & lies about why we buy.

The book analyzes a host of factors that drive people to buy. One of the more interesting factors mentioned is rituals.

I hadn’t realized how powerful rituals can be in creating brand differentiation. Nor did I recognize how many brand rituals I was actively participating in. Examples of brands that have integrated rituals successfully include Corona (put the lime in the bottle & flip it), Reeses (how do you eat your Reeses?), Oreo (twist apart before you eat), and Jagermeister (drop Jager in RedBull to make a Jagerbomb).

Rituals provide a sense of comfort and belonging, and ritual-seeking is said to increase in times of stress. In addition to the mass consumer rituals I’ve mentioned above, you may have created your own rituals around brands. When you’re stressed out do your brand preferences become more pronounced? I myself am more likely to consume certain beverages when I’m under pressure (I’m fiercely loyal to Diet Mountain Dew because I believe it gives me extra energy, thanks to the early 90s Xtreme Dew campaign). While individual rituals are interesting, brand rituals that have gained traction with the masses are even more interesting. Brands with associated rituals benefit in many ways (loyalty, differentiation, etc).

It stands to reason that consumer tech companies can also benefit from rituals, but I struggled to think of good examples of rituals being used to establish brand differentiation/loyalty. Tech companies traditionally haven’t spent a lot on brand marketing, the returns on brand marketing can be nebulous and often require major budgets to reach the masses. But done right, you can only imagine the power rituals might have.

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